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How to Make Your Form 990 Work for You


Introducing Lee Glenn


GuideStar welcomes Lee Glenn as vice president, sales and marketing. Lee's role will include responsibilities for the development of next-generation products and services to meet the growing needs of GuideStar's current and future clients.

GuideStar Surveys—Share Your Experiences with the World


Thanks to everyone who participated in GuideStar's survey last November. You made it possible for us to answer the question, "How is the economy affecting the nation's nonprofits?" More than 200 media outlets reported the results.

Do You Plan on Making an Online Donation This Giving Season?


Do You Use GuideStar to Search for Grant Opportunities?


Some 70 percent of respondents answer "no." What do the other 30 percent know that they don't?

Looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit can be a full-time job. Identifying which grantmakers are likely to support your organization's programs is a process as vital as writing the grant proposal itself. For such an important task, you can never have too many tools. One essential, often overlooked resource is the information found on IRS Form 990-PF.

Dan Moore to Join GuideStar


Daniel Moore of the New Mexico Attorney General's Office will be joining GuideStar. A nationally recognized speaker on nonprofit accountability and an instructor on nonprofit legal and ethical issues, Moore is the past president and a current board member of the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO).

GuideStar Expands Its Technology


GuideStar's Information Technology staff has been putting in long hours over the past few months. They have redesigned the infrastructure of the GuideStar database, increased system capacity, added a fail-over capability, upgraded GuideStar's search engine, and moved the entire GuideStar Web site from one Web hosting service to another.

How to Make Your Form 990-PF Work for You


If your organization is one of the more than 60,000 private foundations in the country that are required to file a Form 990-PF with the Internal Revenue Service, take note. New regulations went into effect on March 13, 2000, that make this public document easier to access.

The Power of the GuideStar Database


GuideStar's National Database of Nonprofit Organizations offers users a wealth of information about American nonprofit organizations. It is the nation's most comprehensive source of data about U.S. nonprofits the Internal Revenue Service has declared tax exempt under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Tax Code.

The breadth and depth of the GuideStar database are unmatched. Most watchdog groups list a few hundred organizations, and state charities officials and nonprofit associations focus on the organizations in their respective states and regions. In contrast, the GuideStar database contains information about every public charity, private foundation, and other 501(c) organizations to which contributions may be tax deductible, more than 850,000 nonprofits in all. (For a discussion of the differences between private foundations and public charities, see "Just What Are Public Charities and Private Foundations, Anyway?")

Small organizations stand on equal footing with large nonprofits in the GuideStar database, and information on rural groups is as accessible as data on urban organizations. In addition to financial data, the GuideStar database contains information about the missions and programs of thousands of nonprofits.

GuideStar obtains information on the organizations in the database from three main sources: the IRS Business Master File (BMF), IRS Forms 990 and 990-EZ, and the nonprofits themselves. The source of the data on a specific nonprofit organization determines the completeness of that nonprofit's GuideStar Report.

GuideStar Posts Private Foundations' IRS Returns