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How Leading Nonprofit Brands Stay Relevant

As the number of nonprofits has proliferated—adding to the competition for mindshare and money—even organizations that are household names must adapt to appeal to a new generation of donors. Their strategies to do so are varied and can serve as inspiration for other organizations. 

Six Ways Boards Are Critical to a Nonprofit’s Brand

Nonprofit board members know they must oversee their organization’s finances, governance, and major initiatives. But an overlooked area of responsibility is maintaining the strength of their organization’s brand. Boards of organizations large and small must keep their organization’s brand healthy, vibrant, and free from liability. To do so, board members must:

Time to Develop New "Donor-Friendly" Messaging?

How to Create an Effective Message for Your Nonprofit

Let's start with two easy questions.

How to Develop a Brand for Your Nonprofit

So you're starting a nonprofit organization or have one and want to know how to build or strengthen your brand. Well, what is a brand? Is it advertising, your spokesperson, a logo? We have heard of the Red Cross, Oprah, McDonald's. These are all brands. And while there may be positive or negative perceptions about each of these, you'll notice their missions are easy to define—providing disaster relief when needed, inspiring people to live better lives, and providing a cheap, convenient meal. They are all based on making a clear promise to their audience. Essentially, your brand is the reputation you have for delivering on your promise.