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Branding Fundraising Events: Essential to Building Lasting, Loyal Relationships

The term “branding” originates from the practice of cattle ranchers burning a distinctive symbol into the skin of their livestock to differentiate them from those of other ranchers. Today, the term has evolved to define an intangible quality.

Marketing Fundraising Events to Baby Boomers: Strategic Planning for Optimal Results

For years, the segment of donors contributing most generously to successful fundraising events have been the moneyed generation, now known as the “matures.” This group ranges in age from the late 60s to the late 80s, with the average being in the early 80s.

Fundraising Events in the New “Normal” Economy: Communication is King

In the “new normal” economy, fundraisers have to work smarter to earn their share of a more modest pie. Even with the Dow soaring to new heights, donors remain sober in their giving. Nonprofits must abandon “the usual” to realize even usual results.