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The New Entry Level: Hiring Talent from Leadership Development Programs

Nonprofit organizations hiring entry-level talent often face a difficult catch-22. Organizations search for candidates looking to enter on the ground floor, but they also want applicants who bring relevant professional experience. This reality creates frustration for first-time job seekers and nonprofit organizations alike.

For organizations seeking entry-level candidates who also possess demonstrated experience, leadership development programs can open up a vast talent pool. Nonprofits that rely on these programs as sources for talent find candidates who have been tested in challenging environments and who have come out of their years of service impassioned and committed to the social sector. Because of the skills and experiences that participants in these programs gain, more organizations are looking to leadership development programs as "the new entry level."

This article will discuss a few of the major leadership development programs serving the social sector as well as share some real-life examples and recommendations for how organizations can leverage this unique talent pool.

Recruiting 2.0: Using On-line Social Networking to Attract Top Talent

In the nonprofit sector, an estimated 60 percent of open positions are filled through referrals and networking. For this reason, nonprofit organizations benefit from building wide professional networks. Thanks to the proliferation of social networking Web sites, nonprofits can go on-line to grow their networks, promote their "employer brand," and connect with prospective employees.

As there are more than 200 social networking Web sites, the following article discusses the most effective options for nonprofit organizations to market to and recruit top talent.

Carrots or Karats: Rethinking Benefits for Nonprofit Employees

Benefits are a key factor when job seekers evaluate job opportunities. Even though budget constraints often dictate a ceiling on nonprofit salaries, a competitive and robust benefits package can be an effective way to attract talent and retain employees. A nonprofit can decide on a variety of monetary and non-monetary benefits. With some care and creativity, organizations can turn a benefits package from average to competitive.