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Building Relationships with Donors

A Checklist for Creating a Proactive-Relationship Development Process

Not-for-profit organizations depend on the financial support of individuals and corporate donors, and whether you realize it or not, a pledge can be the beginning of a long-term relationship with your organization. Or, as Humphrey Bogart so eloquently put it, a donation to support your cause can be "the start of a beautiful friendship."

Q&A on Engaging the Board in the Development and Sponsorship Process

On April 13, 2011, Kevin Strickland, president of the Not for Profit Group, presented a GuideStar webinar on getting nonprofit boards involved in the development process. The following are questions on this topic that he and his colleagues hear frequently from members of the nonprofit community.

How do I deal with a person on my board who also serves on three other local nonprofits' development committees? I tend to be afraid to give him the names of our key supporters.

Effective Approaches for Acquiring New Donors

In today's tough economic environment, many not-for-profit organizations are struggling to grow donations. For many, the impact of a relatively weak economy has affected the quality and quantity of gifts. Taking a more strategic approach to donor development has never been more important. When our principals meet with those seeking donations, we hear common themes of why many are struggling to find new opportunities. See whether any of these reasons apply to you:

Why Aren't Fundraisers Asking for Referrals? Coaching Tips for Not-for-Profit Managers

OK, it's hypercompetitive out there for the gift, grant, and/or sponsorship. Other organizations are probably scrambling for all the state, federal, corporate, and individual donor opportunities that exist on Planet Earth. Even some of the larger not-for-profit organizations that traditionally have relied on name recognition and brand are actively seeking new donors and funders. Acquiring new qualified donors takes longer than ever.