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Why You Need to Blog

Blogging statistics are staggering.

The Power of Voice: Effective Communication Strategies to Weather the Economic Storm

Downturn ... decline ... crisis ... recession. Whatever term you choose to describe the current state of the economy, chances are good that it's a negative and pessimistic one. For many of us, our professional lives have been thrown into a tailspin by reduced staff, slashed budgets, and conservative communication and marketing strategies that are forcing us to do more with less. Where are we headed? When will we get there? Will we be successful? When uncertainty abounds, there is a tendency to stay silent, and many organizations are reluctant to answer these questions and communicate effectively with their clients, employees, and peers. But silence is rarely "golden," and it's important to use effective external, internal, and interpersonal communications not only to survive but to thrive, in good times and bad.