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A Foundation Insider’s Eight Tips to Help You Win Your Next Grant

One of my favorite sections in the revised edition of my book the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Winning Foundation Grants is called “The Grant Seeker’s Reality Check.” In 10 brief chapters I examine, from the vantage point of one who served for 40 years as a foundation CEO, a host of dos and don’ts when preparing and submitting proposals. 

Seven Proposal Writing Tips from a Foundation CEO

In my 35 years as a foundation CEO, I was frequently asked for advice on getting funded. There isn’t enough space here to discuss the ins and outs of creating successful proposals, but I can share with you a few of the dozens of tips you’ll find in my book, The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Winning Foundation Grants.

A Foundation CEO’s Six-Step Formula for Winning a Grant

In my long career as a funder, I loved the satisfaction of helping people who were doing wonderful things for other people. During those many years, I actually saw few proposals that advocated for bad ideas. But I did encounter an astonishing number of funding requests that were cast in the worst possible light.

The Portal Problem—Three Keys to the Funder's Door

In the epic journey from crafting a grant application to depositing the funds, we focus on creating the best proposal we can.

Too often, though, we neglect the very first challenge: getting our proposal onto the desk of the foundation's program officer. If she never sees it, its excellence will be for nought—literally.

Questions I'm Most Often Asked about Winning Foundation Grants

In my decades of running charitable foundations, I read tens of thousands of proposals. Many share the same characteristics I'll touch on below.

Since nearly all foundations are required to disburse some of their funds each year, grants are always made—to someone. Over the years, grantseekers have asked me how they can increase their chances of being among the ones chosen.

Here are answers to the questions I'm most often asked:

More Insights into Private Foundations: Interview with Martin Teitel

Martin Teitel spoke with his publisher about the topic of his new book, The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Winning Foundation Grants. GuideStar has published an excerpt from the book, and we're pleased to be able to share Mr. Teitel's additional thoughts with you.

Why do foundations seem to be such "black boxes"?

Grantmaker True or False: Three Frequently Asked Questions about Private Foundations

Excerpted from The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Winning Foundation Grants

What to Do After You're Funded

After you've been told the fabulous news of your winning a sizable grant award, and the champagne in your Dixie cups has gone flat, I (the head of a foundation myself) recommend you do three things:

Sweaty Palms: Surviving In-Person Meetings with Foundations

I am a great believer in shoe-leather philanthropy. People in the granting field can learn so much more by leaving the abstract world of proposals and meeting the people who are seeking funds. And for me, anyway, meeting grantees is the most fun a grantmaker can have.

Do This, Don't Do That: How to Get Your Proposal Funded

In my role as executive director of the Cedar Tree Foundation (Boston, Massachusetts), I've noticed over time that certain questions come up again and again, because they're on the minds of many people who apply to many foundations. I'd like to deal with two of those questions here: How can I get my proposal read? and Are there common mistakes proposal writers make?