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Effective On-line Donation Pages: Five Short Tips

Excerpt from Perfecting Your Page: Can Donation Page Optimization Boost Online Giving?

On-line fundraising has become a growing source of income for many nonprofits over the past 10 years. But while organizations typically spend lots of time developing clever, creative, and inspirational on-line content, they often overlook more mundane aspects of on-line appeals that can make a big difference in converting advocates, subscribers, and other supporters into donors. Specifically, while e-mail and Web page copy may persuade people to "click to donate now," less than half of those who click through to the donation page (and often just a few percent) typically complete the donation transaction.

Marketers are increasingly turning their attention and resources to landing page optimization. For example, both Marketing Sherpa and Marketing Experiments have published reports recommending increasing donate button size and using more eye-catching colors to increase conversion rates (i.e., the percentage of people who complete an action after navigating to the landing page). However, as most case studies have focused on e-commerce sites, Amnesty International USA decided to find out whether similar changes to donation landing pages could increase conversion to donate as well.