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How Grants Get Made (Hint: It’s By Grants Managers)

Every association likes to think that its members are changing the world, but for Grants Managers Network that is actually true. Stay with me here: the true heroes of philanthropy are the nonprofits that provide critical services and resources to the people who need them; it follows that their world-changing is directly attributable to the funding they receive from grantmakers, which simply doesn’t happen without the grants manager. From accepting the letter of interest to making sure the check gets out the door, each vital step in supporting the missions of those nonprofits sees the work of a grants management professional.

Streamlining Grantmaking, from Both Sides

Does your organization make or apply for grants? If so, is your work better off now than it was five years ago? If your answer is "yes," you may have Project Streamline to thank. Project Streamline is dedicated to improving grant application and reporting. What started as an intriguing idea and drove initial examination is now an integral, industry-wide model of change.