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Three Innovative Technologies to Be More Organized and Raise More Money at Your Next Event

Events are fun! They introduce your organization and its mission to new people. They celebrate the wonderful work you do. But no matter how glitzy the venue or the meal, or how high-profile the guest list, every nonprofit wants to maximize net revenue.

Finish Your Fiscal Year with a Bang: What to Do Between Now and June 30

Fundraisers know all too well the chaos of the December giving-rush. Nearly one-third of all giving occurs in that month alone. If you’re reading this, you made it to January safe and sound. Congrats!

But the start of a new calendar year does not mean that your work is done. It’s now time to refocus your efforts on finishing your fiscal year strong and to ensure that your path to June 30th doesn’t become another end-of-the-year scramble.

Holiday Fundraising Special: Using Technology to Change the Way We Thank Our Donors

It’s the holidays, and that means nonprofits everywhere will be thanking their donors. Since we all understand that expressing gratitude is essential for connecting and building relationships with donors, saying "thank you" is paramount. Traditionally, we send blast emails or write hand-written notes. However, blast emails rarely get opened, and hand-written thank you letters take time and resources. Let’s change that.

How to Build (and Follow!) a Fundraising Roadmap

I came of age when getting a driver’s license came with a congratulatory book of road maps.  I was an early adopter of the GPS mounted to my dashboard and now rarely leave my house without programing my destination into an app on my phone.  I was the guy at Disney World this summer walking around with the map in my hand with my pre-determined routes sketched out. I like to know where I’m going, and my dependence on maps and technology ensures I always get there.  To accomplish the goal of fully funding their important missions, nonprofit leaders need to take this same care in setting a course and following it.

Little Fundraiser Annie: The Gift Will Come in Tomorrow


To be a major gifts fundraiser is to be like that iconic redheaded orphan, Annie. Tomorrow always looks better and it is only a day away. Just as we know the sun will come out tomorrow, you know that the gift will come…eventually. However, donors are much less predictable than the sun. They make decisions on timetables that work for them.

Utilizing Technology to Effectively Recruit New Junior Board Members (pt 3 of 3)

This week, we bring you our final installment of our Junior Board Series with Orr Associates, Inc. Read part one for an overview of junior boards as a fundraising tool, and part two for the challenges of junior boards.

The Challenges of Junior Boards (pt 2 of 3)

In my previous blog post, I discussed the origins of junior boards and the reasons they are ‘trending.’ I also discussed the fundraising potential behind the idea. However, no fundraising tool is perfect. There are challenges to consider before going all in on a junior board.

A Trending Fundraising Tool: A Junior Board (pt 1 of 3)


Six years ago, the phrase “junior board” was understood by only a few. Now, I hear it all the time. I work at a nonprofit consulting firm, Orr Associates, Inc (OAI). OAI works exclusively with nonprofits to help them with their fundraising and development needs. Our nonprofit partners consistently tell us they struggle to engage with Millennials. Many of them have been building junior boards to serve as a solution.

So You Need (to Improve) a Governance Committee?

 The Governance Committee (GC) is the most important committee of your nonprofit leadership. Its chief responsibilities are to determine the membership of your board and measure the quality of performance of the board as a whole and of your individual board members.

If your organization does not have a GC, or the GC is less than constructive, here are "Six S's" to a strong GC.