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16 (yes, 16!) Easy Ways to Lead Your Organization’s Culture Shift

We’ve all been there. Feeling unappreciated. Working for organizations with a revolving door of staff (especially development directors). Mired in dysfunction. It can all be a bit discouraging, no?

How can you Fundraise SMARTER -- not harder?

We’re just full of paradoxes, aren’t we?

Donor Data is Your Friend! 5 Steps to Get You Started

The following is a cross-post by Donna Mehr from Pamela Grow's May 22nd blog post on her website, Pamela is an author, coach, copy-writer, nonprofit marketing consultant, and regular contributor to The GuideStar Blog. To read the original article, click here.

The dark side of nonprofit monthly giving

"The wider adoption of monthly giving (also known as regular or sustained giving) in the U.S. could itself transform philanthropy.” Dr. Adrian Sargeant

I cried for the donor | Creating your organization’s culture of philanthropy

Disclaimer: The following is a true story and is intended for mature audiences only. This writing contains strong language and graphic scenes of lack of regard for donor rights. Those who are faint of heart should refrain from reading further. You have been warned.

Don’t Stop Now! How to keep growing your monthly giving program

“We tested it, and it didn’t work.”

If your organization has a monthly giving program in place, you may have heard this statement from your board or CEO. Harvey McKinnon noted that this is the most irritating misconception about nonprofit monthly giving programs -- and I concur. While monthly giving is one of the best steps you can take to improve donor retention and increase donor loyalty, the mere process of establishing your program isn’t enough.