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3 reasons to utilize your relationships with private foundations


The Brief
When soliciting grants from foundations, it's tempting to go for the deepest pockets first. But nonprofits who focus on size only are missing out on a major source of funding, and it's easier to come by than they think. 

4 traits every nonprofit board member should possess

The ideal nonprofit board member is more than a couple deep pockets. In fact, if your directors don't possess these four critical traits, your organization could be missing out on any number of strategic opportunities.

Addressing the “Development Director Problem” with Relationship Capital

In 2013, nonprofit services firm CompassPoint released the results of a survey of 2,700 nonprofit development staff members and executive directors. The results were dismal enough that the survey has remained a talking point at conferences through 2015.

Is the nonprofit gender gap closing?


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These articles come from the nonprofit RelSci 5, their weekly newsletter for and about organizational leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week to help you do your job better. Get it in your inbox every week.

How to Increase Your Social Media Reach by Incentivizing Your Supporters


Whether or not your nonprofit is already plugged in to social media—and if it's not, it should be—there is always room for growth in terms of your org's sphere of influence. How you go about achieving that growth can have varying degrees of impact on your resources.

3 Ways Gamification Can Help You Reach (And Retain) Your Donors

If you think the nonprofit tech landscape is nothing but CRMs and data analysis, think again. Games—specifically social games—are growing more popular as tools for driving donor engagement, and it’s not hard to see why. You may have heard of gamification in the for-profit and educational sectors, but here are three key advantages that gamification can garner for your nonprofit.

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Investing in New Tech

Nonprofits have more options than ever when it comes to building their marketing technology stack—from email marketing services to relationship-mapping products to donor management software. And while choice is a good thing, the sheer number of new applications can be overwhelming, no matter how technologically sophisticated your organization is. That makes it all the more difficult to implement the right product or service for your business needs, without blowing your budget. Here are four common traps to avoid as you consider investing in new technology.

Data's role in your nonprofit storytelling strategy

In both its volume and accessibility, big data has had all kinds of implications for the way nonprofits operate—from internal processes to volunteer recruitment to fundraising. But what I find most interesting (maybe unsurprisingly, considering my title) about data's integration into the nonprofit world is the way it can be used to augment that most powerful of marketing tools—the story.

5 trends changing big data for nonprofits


1. What public medicine can learn from baseball.

Just how fatal are certain diseases? In a page taken from professional sports scouting and strategy, public health researchers are using data in innovative new ways to figure out how best to allocate budget dollars to national and global health initiatives. Check off another win for big data.

Beyond Wealth: 5 Ways to Leverage Data to Find Your Most Valuable Donors

When it comes to targeting donors, it’s tempting to lock on to the deepest pockets. But a well-connected donor is just as valuable as a wealthy one, perhaps even more so. Donors rich in relationship capital can provide warm introductions to prospects, help recruit board members and spread your mission's message farther.