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Three False Assumptions Looming Behind Big Data

Nonprofits already know that big data can open up a swath of fundraising, marketing and management opportunities. But for all the expectation, it's important to remember that even the best data has its limits. Any org looking to leverage and apply data should immediately lose the following assumptions:

3 Big Data Trends Nonprofits Should Take Advantage of This Year


Plenty has been written about the applications of big data to the nonprofit and social impact sphere. From administrative and fundraising strategy to the missions themselves, data has demonstrated the potential to reshape the way we do nonprofit work forever. And nonprofits are becoming savvier in the way they collect and analyze their data. So, what can we expect from big data in 2015, and how can nonprofits take advantage of these trends?

Big Data Starts with Strong Relationships

In the past few years, nonprofits have begun to wade into the ever-deepening ocean that is big data—an ocean from which corporations and governments have been pumping for a while now. In some respects, NPOs have been fast learners. These days, many are wise enough in the ways that data can help track fundraising dollars. When it comes to gathering, let alone leveraging, information for strategic purposes, though, too many otherwise capable organizations aren’t really sure where to start.

Nonprofits' Special Data Needs

The Big Data revolution is upon us. Everywhere you look or listen there are people ruminating about how the mass generation and collection of consumer information in unimaginable quantities has heralded a new dawn in marketing, sales and organizational structure. Data scientists, organizational behaviorists and sociologists can't seem to stop writing about how this glut of information will soon be utilized to build corporate and municipal infrastructure.

Data for Development: How nonprofits can use big data to access new donor networks


Big data analytics has solved thousands of problems for individuals and organizations around the world–from improving bus transportation in Dublin to helping you pick out what to watch on Netflix. So it’s no surprise that even nonprofits, despite typically being slow to adopt new technologies, have begun to embrace the value of data-driven fundraising.