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Four Ways to Make Your Grant Appendix Shine

Whether you're an established organization familiar with the grant process or you are a new nonprofit venturing into the state or federal grant writing realm for the first time, chances are you're overwhelmed by the amount of information requested by the funder—and the herculean efforts it can take to gather everything by the deadline. Narratives and budgets are critical elements, but just as crucial in importance—and sometimes overlooked—is your proposal's appendix. "How in the world can I gather all of this information in such a short period of time?" you may ask. "What happens if I’m not able to obtain all the necessary components before the deadline?" There's one simple answer: your grant will not be selected for review, and all the sweat equity and sleepless nights you and your staff have invested in the project will be for naught. Following are four "Do's and Don'ts"—some basic, helpful tips to ensure your application is in A+ form—elements that will make or break your proposal.