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GuideStar Pro Now Includes Financial Analysis Tools

Recently, we added a Financial Trends Analysis to GuideStar Pro—at no additional expense to GuideStar Pro subscribers. This resource was developed in partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund© (NFF) and applies NFF analysis to data hosted by GuideStar. It upgrades the Peer Comparison function from Financial SCAN to a Peer Analysis feature, which allows GuideStar Pro subscribers to compare up to five organizations across several business model indicators.

Upgrades to GuideStar Search

In response to feedback from our users, we’ve refined a few of our search features. One of these changes affect all searches, and the others are limited to our subscription products, GuideStar Charity Check, Premium, and Pro.

Foundation Status Code Added to GuideStar Charity Check

Foundation status code displayed in a GuideStar Charity Check PDF report

GuideStar Charity Check reports now include foundation status codes, saving subscribers more time than ever.

Be One of the First to Try GuideStar’s New Nonprofit Search

Most people visit GuideStar to search our Nonprofit Profiles. Together, our users search the database 1.1 million times a month. The database search is a vital part of the user experience.

Our current search was state of the art when we launched it 10 years ago. Although we’ve tweaked and refined it, it’s showing its age. And it can’t hold a candle to searches on sites such as Google, Kayak, and Amazon.

That’s why we’ve spent the last year rebuilding the GuideStar search.  We’ve tested and revised it internally, and now we’re ready to test it in the real world.

The New GuideStar Home Page

Last June, we began updating our website, offering a new home page to users who haven't registered with GuideStar or to visitors who have registered with us but aren't logged in. We also revised the nonprofit reports to make them easier to navigate. A few weeks later, we introduced revamped pages for four of our products: GuideStar Premium Search, GuideStar Charity Check, GuideStar APIs, and Financial SCAN.

Today, we launched a new home page for visitors who use our persistent log-in as well as responsive layouts for people who access our site with mobile devices.

New Home Page

#1: GuideStar's Homepage Overview

Registered users who clicked the "Keep me signed in box" when they logged in to GuideStar will soon see the page in the illustration when they visit our home page. Like the home page we introduced in June, this new page puts our nonprofit search front and center, because most people who come to our site do so to search for nonprofits.

Note: you'll need to click the advanced search link (see image #1) to use our knowledge base search, which is available to all users, or our people search, which is available to GuideStar Premium Search and GuideStar Pro Search subscribers.

The new page also adjusts the navigation links, based on what our users told us when we asked them to review and comment on different navigation schemes for our site.

The links at the top of the page have also been simplified:

#2: New navigation bar close-up

But don't worry—the old links are still available. They've just been moved to the bottom of the page:

#3: Relocating links close-up

To get to your My Account page, shopping cart, and sign-out link, you'll click the arrow beside your name at the top right of the page:

#4: My Account

The new navigation will also appear throughout the site as we introduce our new mobile-friendly pages.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

Right now, our site is mobile unfriendly. That's about to change. Although relatively few people visit our site using mobile devices, we want to improve the experience for them. Our new pages will automatically adjust to the screen size you're using, changing horizontal layouts to vertical ones, using larger type that's easier to read on small screens, and displaying larger buttons.

We're excited about the changes we're making to our site. We'll be introducing new upgrades in 2015 to continue making easier to use.

The preceding post is by Scott Menzel, GuideStar's Product Manager.

Announcing GuideStar Premium Pro

Our much loved GuideStar Premium product has been given a whole new set of features. After listening to our customer’s comments, suggestions, and data needs, I’m happy to introduce our newest addition to the GuideStar Premium product suite, GuideStar Premium Pro:

In addition to the powerful, easy-to-use search and analysis tools with GuideStar's most complete nonprofit reports that GuideStar Premium offers, those who subscribe (or upgrade) to GuideStar Premium Pro now have the opportunity to more deeply research nonprofits based on various financial and contractor data. GuideStar Premium Pro is the only product that gives people such unfettered access to in-depth, high-quality nonprofit data – including a fuller financial picture of nonprofits.

Those looking to do business in the sector can better target and prequalify nonprofit leads, while nonprofits can further benchmark themselves against others in their peer group to see where they match up with paid contractors or to research what contractors they may want to use.

Learn more about GuideStar Premium Pro or see how it compares to other GuideStar Premium product offerings: