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New Bridgespan Group Study on Nonprofit Founder Transitions Counters Conventional Wisdom That “Clean Break” Is Best

Is a clean break really the best way to ensure a successful nonprofit founder succession? While conventional wisdom suggests that it is, new research from The Bridgespan Group finds that the answer is often no. 

Managing in Tough Times: Seven Steps

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Tough times force hard choices. And these are rapidly becoming the toughest times most of us have ever seen. Even for nonprofit leaders who are accustomed to "making much of little," the repercussions of the unfolding economic downturn are likely to pose unprecedented challenges. It's hard to imagine that many (if any) of us in the sector will escape unscathed.

So what to do? Not surprisingly, there are no easy, or even particularly novel, answers to that question. But learning from what others have done before in the face of less severe financial crises can be extremely useful. To that end, The Bridgespan Group has begun collecting insights and advice from our clients, from other nonprofit leaders and experts, and from our own leadership. The results are sketched below. We'll be adding to and complementing them over the coming weeks and months, as we all learn more about what it takes to manage successfully through tough times.