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Public Policy Advocacy: The Case for Nonprofit Engagement

In 2008, as candidates for public office court traditional voting blocks on the path to election victory, the nonprofit sector has enormous potential as an untapped political force to shape the nation's future. The nonprofit sector—our ever-expanding asset of "social profit" organizations focused on serving the public good—is creating the most job growth, the best new ideas, and the most effective solutions to the toughest chronic social problems that are plaguing communities throughout the country.

Though unknown to many state and federal lawmakers, the nonprofit sector—if called upon by the nation's leaders—holds a rare opportunity to unleash the full force of America's entrepreneurial spirit with a drive and commitment that can solve our nation's most challenging domestic problems. Through this effort, the nonprofit sector would be clearly recognized for what it truly is, a thriving and indispensable component of America's economy.

But to produce such sea change results, nonprofit innovation and solutions must be applied on a national scale. And achieving this result will take a bold and enterprising merger of governmental and nonprofit sector forces and resources. To ignite and achieve this transformational merger, the nonprofit sector must focus on a range of steps, particularly its full engagement in the political process. The nonprofit sector must engage in political action at a level that matches the sector's substantial economic muscle or its $660 billion dollar annual contribution to the U.S. economy.