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Welcome! – And Some Background

As a small boy growing up in Chicago, I eagerly waited for the moment when my Dad came home bringing with him the four daily newspapers (and they were all making big profits!). At an early age I knew I wanted a career in the news business. Straight out of college I became the executive producer of the weekend 11pm television newscasts and a radio news producer for an NBC affiliate in Michigan. From there I spent many years in public broadcasting – starting WBGO, a brand new New York area jazz station, as Executive Director of the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority, and finally as COO of PBS.

Whatever the assignment, I was always looking for ways to harness the power of telecommunications for public good.

Now I’m the CEO of an internet-based organization. In some ways it’s just like broadcasting – I’m still responsible for creating and aggregating creative content and presenting it in ways that meet the needs and interests of our users. But the internet world is so much more. The technology is still young and dynamic and constantly evolving. But more importantly it presents ways for two way and interactive communication. Now users are not only consumers but creators of content as well. I’m excited about this new opportunity and I’m looking forward to learning from you – as well as sharing my thoughts and opinions. Just as I did in my previous roles, I’m eager to harness the power of this new technology – perhaps turning it loose is a more apt description – to help do our part to revolutionize philanthropy.

So why a blog?

With this blog, I want to contribute to the larger conversation about nonprofit transparency, especially as it applies to the casual donor. I want to listen to your ideas and help you to frame your thinking when you consider donating.

My end goal: to increase demand for nonprofit transparency and data in order to help donors make better decisions and help nonprofits to become more effective.

I am eager to discuss challenges and solutions in order to help you make smarter donation decisions. I am not here to pick favorites. Instead, I hope to add to the larger conversation with pertinent questions and insightful thoughts that I come across during the normal course of my job.

And since I’m new to blogging, I would love to hear any recommendations you have for blogs I should follow or topics you would like me to cover.

Thanks and speak again soon,

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