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Who doesn’t love to be pleasantly surprised? Free Godiva Chocolate truffles? An extra day off? A stunningly beautiful sunset?

Last week I drove between Oklahoma City and Wichita Falls, Texas. The sun was blazing on the edge of the western sky that occupied 180 degrees of the vista. I thought that I was familiar with the terrain of that region: wild, arid and fairly flat. Suddenly, on the horizon, a small range of mountains appeared! I became transfixed by them, wondering if my eyes were fooling me, but thrilled at the unexpected existence of this range (the Wichita Mountains) and the beauty of their silhouette. Something unexpected that made me smile.

This holiday and giving season, GuideStar has a surprise for you! On November 23rd, your nonprofit (501(c)(3)s) may register to potentially win one of five $1,000 cash prizes. All you need to do is to update your GuideStar Exchange Form to the Exchange Seal-holder level. The contest closes on December 31st. All Exchange Seal-holders that have registered will be entered into the drawing. I’m hoping that my colleague, Dan Moore, or I can call and surprise you in January with a check for $1,000 for your organization!

Lindsay NicholsThe preceding is a guest post by Lindsay Nichols, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at America’s Charities, the leader in workplace giving and philanthropy. As a member of the organization’s senior leadership team, Lindsay guides and oversees the strategy and execution of all marketing and communications efforts with a major emphasis on strategy and tactics that support increased growth for the organization.
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