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The Seattle Foundation Plans Confirm GuideStar’s DonorEdge Model for Community Foundations




Earlier this month the Seattle Foundation announced a new website that gathers information about local nonprofits in Seattle and King County. You can read more about it here on Seattle Times and Chronicle of Philanthropy.

I see the Seattle Foundation’s decision to invest $1.45 million dollars to build their solution as further market confirmation of several key trends:

  • Community foundations are creating community knowledge as central to their unique value proposition;
  • There is a rising importance of donor education and donor engagement through online tools to stay relevant in a changing market place and to reach a new generation of donors; and
  • Community foundations are driving philanthropy and leadership to improve their community

We’re thrilled at this announcement. It is another confirmation of many of the activities our community foundation partners already have underway with GuideStar’s DonorEdge. Consider these:

  • After being pioneered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation in 2002, with financial support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, DonorEdge has spread to nine other community foundations. In 2008, GuideStar USA became the technology partner. Together, we have added seven community foundations over the past two years.
  • GuideStar’s DonorEdge empowers community foundations to engage donors to become informed, effective donors by sharing credible, vetted, and sourced nonprofit information online and off line.
  • The DonorEdge Learning Community (DELC) is a robust learning community of fellow practitioners who share lessons learned and support innovation in community philanthropy. New partners in the DELC receive ongoing marketing, operational, technology, and best practices support from their partnership with GuideStar and the DELC.
  • Finally, DonorEdge means community foundations don’t need to do it alone:

- Because of GuideStar’s technology infrastructure, DonorEdge is scalable and cost effective for varying sizes of community foundations.

- Our cooperative funding model provides for annual software updates and new features informed by the DELC to stay ahead of the curve.

The news from Seattle is another important step for the re-shaping of community foundations. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Please share this with your networks via the ShareThis button below and leave a message in the comment section below.

Bob.jpgThe preceding is a guest post by Bob Ottenhoff,  Chief Executive of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. With an entrepreneurial spirit, strong technology focus, and a quest to make an impact in the world, Bob has the ability to take an organization and lead it into strong performance, sustainability, and industry leadership.

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