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A Holiday Note from Jacob Harold of the Hewlett Foundation


The nonprofit sector counts on a big gift beneath its collective tree every holiday season. Annually, more than 100 million Americans give about $50 billion to nonprofits in the final weeks of the year. Across the country, thousands of nonprofits—from small homeless shelters to elite universities—count on these funds as a critical part of their year’s revenue.

Believe it or not, GuideStar is no different. GuideStar has built products that help people throughout the nonprofit sector make good decisions. But its sales of those products can’t cover the $9 million it costs each year to bring you access to all of GuideStar’s data about nonprofits. It takes support from individuals and foundations.

The Hewlett Foundation provides a significant operating support grant to GuideStar because we believe GuideStar is critical to the functioning of the entire nonprofit sector. This holiday season, we hope you’ll consider doing the same thing.

Jacob Harold is program officer in the Philanthropy Program at the Hewlett Foundation. He is also a member of the Guidestar Board of Directors.

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