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How do you depict your nonprofit’s mission?

I recently spoke to the NonProfit Times’ Zach Halper about our adventure with Pinterest, the “virtual pinboard.” In a nutshell, I talked about using this visual platform to better engage with our supporters. You can read the full article here:

Since GuideStar collects and disseminates information about every single tax-exempt organization in the country, I’m often lacking the “heartbeat” at the center of the story, which as the director of our communications, I am constantly seeking. I know we help nonprofits and those that work with and support nonprofits every single day, but I just don’t have a lot of real-life examples – of how we helped a real human, animal, piece of land, etc. – at my fingertips.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. It’s given me a way to visually express our mission, our sense of humor, and ultimately the people and organizations that we’re trying to connect with every single day.

I’d love to learn from you. What methods do you use to share real-life examples and stories with your supporters? How are you using Pinterest?

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