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DonorEdge Learning Community Gathers to Share Ideas

The following is a guest post from Usma Ziard and Diana Hand, GuideStar’s senior director and senior manager of marketing, respectively.

Yesterday, the DonorEdge Learning Community (DELC) came together for the DonorEdge Learning Community annual conference in Alexandria, Va. We were honored to have the 14 DELC partners present at the conference to share their stories about growth and their hopes for the future using the DonorEdge platform. Now a vital part of their strategy, the 14 DELC members encouraged other community foundations to also invest in the DELC platform to help them become more relevant to their communities.

Panoramic view of the DonorEdge Learning Community annual conference

What impressed us most was not only how willing the DonorEdge Learning Community members were to share their own experiences about effectively working with local nonprofits, but how they plan to use the ideas exchanged during the conference to create stronger relationships with local nonprofits, more successful giving events, and overall a more effective local philanthropic marketplace.

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