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My podcast about how foundations can increase impact

Henry Berman Henry Berman

I first met Henry Berman, the CEO of the Association of Small Foundations, less than a year ago. Within minutes of our first discussion, we realized that we had something in common: many years of experience in broadcasting. Although we’ll always hold a place in our hearts for the magic and mystery of broadcasting (although not the business), we’ve both moved on to new ways to impact society.

When Henry invited me to join him in a recording studio in downtown DC studio for an interview, I jumped at the chance. From his perch at the ASF, Henry interacts with hundreds of small and family foundations and has a unique perspective on their challenges and opportunities. The interview gave me a chance to give my perspectives on how foundations can increase their impact and work more effectively. I also talked about this critical time in the nonprofit sector where donors are getting smarter about their giving decisions.

You can download the free podcast from the ASF store here, and check out Henry’s blog about the interview here.

I’d love to keep the conversation going here. How does your foundation decide which organizations to fund?

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