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Nonprofit Messaging Survey 2012

The following is a guest-post by Nancy E. Schwartz, publisher of the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter, and president of consulting firm Nancy Schwartz & Company.

In the competition for attention, your messaging is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you have, but is frequently left half-done or overlooked altogether.

Nancy Schwartz

I want to help you with that via a straightforward value swap: you give her your attention for five minutes and I’ll share my expertise on a key path to “getting attention.”

Here’s how it works:

Please take five minutes of your time to tell me about your organization’s messaging—the who, what and how; what’s working well and what’s getting in the way via this online survey (deadline June 13).

In return for your time, I’ll invite you to join me at a no-charge, limited-enrollment webinar in July 2012: How to Tell Your 5-Star Stories. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the great stories in your organization
  • Shape characters your supporters will connect with
  • Structure your stories with three proven plots.

Complete the survey now to secure your seat! Deadline June 13.

Nancy and her team at provide marketing planning and implementation services to organizations as varied as the Corporation for Supportive Housing, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Environmental Health Coalition, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater and the National Center for Biking and Walking. Nancy is a board member of NTEN and on marketing committees of her synagogue and high school and local PTA.


May 25, 2012 at 9:38 am

We are a group of grass roots neighboring property owners and community home owners of 600 that are calling for the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board of Directors to stop telling lies, have meeting open to the public and be accountable. We don’t want 400 acres of prime farm land turned to multi famly housing and a outdoor Concert and Reggae Festival venue site. We are asking for protection of our river, open space, ag land and wildlife eco-system habitat.

It seems there are people out there to help 501c3 non-profits, but no one to help the public from people that only use public donations for something other than public benefit. This has been a sham since day one and they are effecting our lives, the river, wildlife habitat and the eco-system all around us.

How can you help people like us against 501c3 groups like this? It seems once they are established there is no stopping them.

Thank you……..

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