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The Role of Community Foundations in the Philanthropic Marketplace

Donor Edge Learning Community Annual Conference Donor Edge Learning Community Annual Conference

I always look forward to attending the DonorEdge conference. First, I value the opinion of community foundation leaders. Community foundations need to work for their money every day – they usually don’t have the wealthy benefactor or large endowment of a private foundation. That puts them closer to the market – closer to the priorities and interests of donors and better in touch with the capabilities and needs of their nonprofit community.

Secondly, I love the way community foundations are using DonorEdge to transform their business models, becoming community knowledge centers by turning data into actionable information to help donors make better decisions and improve nonprofit impact.

Thirdly, our annual DonorEdge conferences put a premium on freely learning and sharing. No secrets, no gobblygook. Those are good habits to have and these are the kind of leaders I like to spend my time with.

You can find more about the annual conference here:

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