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The importance of product evolution

Posted By Usma Ziard on July 10th, 2012

Product evolution, some would say, is inevitable. As a marketing professional, I would agree. Products need to evolve to stay relevant and survive during these competitive times. When product evolution occurs, the product in question needs to still continue to serve the purpose it was originally intended. The new features, based on customer feedback and market research, should allow for a much more functional and flexible product. GuideStar takes our customer feedback to heart and our goal is to evolve our products and services as our customers’ needs and wants change. We want to have products that are not stagnant but ever changing to allow users to work smarter and not harder.

GuideStar Premium just added three new features–Six New Specialty Download Modules, Enhanced Advanced Search and Comparison View Enhancement. Yes, GuideStar Premium still does what it was originally designed to do, that is to provide users with the most up to date information on the nonprofit sector. But with these two new features, it is more customizable and flexible than ever. GuideStar Premium is considered a first class research and prospecting tool used by professionals, grant makers, foundations and nonprofits. Guidestar Premium provides the most relevant data on the nonprofit sector when it comes to prospecting, targeting the right funders and benchmarking nonprofits against each other. GuideStar has so much data to work with; we hope that with the two new features will make GuideStar Premium a tool you can rely on more than ever to get your job done smarter.

Products are only as good as the value it holds in a customer’s eyes. I hope your eyes take a stroll on our new infographic, below, depicting the evolution of GuideStar Premium. What do you think?

Our infographic about the evolution of GuideStar Premium

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