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Good deeds unite us on 9/11

We all remember that devastating day. September 11, 2001, changed all of our lives and this nation forever. Alongside the sadness and heartache, there was a resounding sense of community; of unity. The organizers of the annual 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance (9/11 Day) efforts keep that spirit alive. Last year 33 million Americans dedicated time on 9/11 to helping others, and we think we can make this year’s an even bigger success – with your help.

9/11 Day and GuideStar encourage you to perform good deeds, support charities, and volunteer in tribute to the victims and survivors of 9/11 and all those who rose in service in response to the attacks. Here are four simple ways to get involved:

  1. Visit express your support for this inspiring observance. Later, when you have determined what your plans will be (either as a group or individually), return to the site and share your plans with others.
  2. When you’ve completed your activity, consider posting photos and information on your Facebook page, and through Twitter (use the hashtag #911day or #Iwill). You can also share your own plans for 9/11, what we call an “I Will.”
  3. Consider planning a good deed, volunteer or charitable service project. There are countless things you can all do together to help, and a service project is a great way to teach others about the importance of setting aside time to help others in your community.
  4. Contact local community organizations, schools, and faith-based groups to see if they have any service plans for 9/11. Then you can volunteer to help.

Check out 9/11 Day’s free tools and resources – including a toolkit with content that you can use for your own purposes – here You should also watch and share the 9/11 Day video at, and PSA at We dare you to keep dry eyes.

Remember, you don’t have to donate a lot of money or take hours of your time to make a difference on this day. Help a child, share a smile, say thanks – any positive act you can do is important. 9/11 Day is about bringing out the best in all of us.

On behalf of everyone at GuideStar, we thank you for being a part of this special day. Please share with us and others in the comments how you plan to get involved this year.

9/11 Memorial volunteer Mark Eisen stands in Times Square for 9/11 Day’s “I Will” campaign. (Photo courtesy 9/11 Day)
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