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Introduction to Google for Nonprofits and the YouTube Nonprofit Program

Below is a blog by Google for Nonprofits in follow-up to the August 23, 2012, webinar titled Introduction to Google for Nonprofits. To view the presentation or listen to the recording of the webinar, please click here.

You’re changing the world. We want to help.

Google for Nonprofits offers eligible nonprofit organizations access to a suite of highly discounted or free products. These products can help you improve the efficiency of your organization, collaborate with volunteers and constituents, and inspire supporters to take action.

Organizations can fill out a single application and be approved within 30 days. If they are approved, they are eligible to receive free advertising through Google Adwords, free productivity tools through Google Apps, and premium features on Google Earth and YouTube. Plus, is available 24/7 for resources like video tutorials, getting started guides, and case studies.

YouTube’s NonprofitProgram is available to Google for Nonprofits members in the US, as well as the UK, Canada, and Australia. Nonprofits are an important part of the YouTube community, and their videos have inspired audiences since the early days of the site. More than 17,000 organizations have joined the program since 2007, including Greenpeace, KhanAcademy and UNICEF. No matter what size your organization, you can engage an audience, raise money through prominent donate buttons, and live stream events on your YouTube channel.

How to get started: Visit and click “Join the program.” Once your application is accepted by Google for Nonprofits, you can enroll with products like YouTube, Apps, AdWords, and Earth.

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Nathalie Arbel is a marketing manager at YouTube and the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Webinar speakers included Leslie Hernandez Dinneen ( and John McCallen and Ramya Raghavan (YouTube Nonprofit Program).

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Excellent information. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to expand their nonprofit reach through free advertising? Thanks for doing some good in the world, Google!

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