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How large (and powerful) is the nonprofit universe?

Nida Chughtai

With the giving season right around the corner, I was curious to see how many nonprofit organizations exist in America. So, I searched our website (which I happen to know pretty well since I spend my whole day on it) to get some facts and figures, and found over 2.2 million nonprofit organizations in our database. That’s a lot of causes for donors and volunteers to support! Did you know that California has more nonprofits than any other state in the country? The largest state in size happens to be home to over 229,000 nonprofit organizations (it’s actually 229,631 to be exact). And, that’s about 87,000 more than the second largest state of nonprofit organizations which is Texas! Check out my recent Infographic: Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S. for a breakdown by state, and to see who else is in the top five states.

With millions of nonprofits in the U.S., how powerful can the sector really be?

Let’s just say, they’re not all broke. The Foundation Center points out some pretty cool facts and figures in their Infographic: America’s Nonprofit Sector. According to their stats, the nonprofit sector employs 70 million people, representing the third largest workforce among U.S. industries (behind only retail and manufacturing), with a total revenue of 1.93 trillion. Not millions, not billions, but, trillions!

So, which nonprofits will you support this giving season?

Whichever you choose, just be sure to do your research first. There are millions of causes you can support and tons of nonprofit research available on to help you make the right decision this giving season.

For more fascinating facts and information about the nonprofit sector, check out our Pinterest page!

This blog post is written by Nida Chughtai, Senior Email Marketing Manager, GuideStar USA. .

Two Comments

Lindsay, which nonprofit categories are included here? Just the 501C orgs?

  • Lindsay Nichols

    This is inclusive of all tax-exempt organizations–so all 501c’s as well as other types. Thanks for your question!

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