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What #GivingTuesday Means to Me

Meghan Phelps is one of GuideStar’s PR and social media interns. She is currently studying mass and broadcast communications at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently completed a study abroad trip to China. A native of Williamsburg, Virginia, Meghan enjoys traveling, hiking and being a part-time nanny.

Meghan Phelps

A notorious man once said, “It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.” This seems to be especially true during the holiday season. What happened? I believe it all started with Black Friday. Like the past Fridays after Thanksgiving, this year on November 23 people will desperately charge through automatic sliding doors in an attempt to bargain for consumer goods. It’s likely that at least one person will be trampled. On the following Monday the Internet will be scoured for deals. The reason for the season gets lost in the haste. People need to be reminded that Thanksgiving is a time to contemplate how good we have it and to think of those that aren’t as well off in life. How did it evolve into a calendar-shopping day? Ah, yes, businesses encouraging us to grow the economy. Buying a TV doesn’t have as much impact on the economy as a donation that helps give a child the opportunity to stay in school. Now that’s a real investment in the economy.

For me Thanksgiving is first and foremost a feast. A feast to honor the local, seasonally grown harvest that my farmers work hard to bring to my table. I spend extra on this day at Farm to Family, a recent 501c, to reserve a PollyFace turkey raised by my favorite farmer Joel Salatin.

The entire nonprofit sector could see solutions and send thanks with more money as well. Thanks to a new initiative, on Tuesday, November 27, participants all over the nation will give more, do more, and volunteer more to support nonprofit organizations. It will be a day for fundraising to kick off the giving season and perhaps become an official national holiday. On #GivingTuesday, people will begin a new tradition that will change the way we participate in the giving season. If successful, we hope that nonprofits will be in the forefront of peoples’ minds once again.

Please spread the word about this important day. It’s easy since this campaign is using social media as leverage to gain momentum. GuideStar is excited to spread the message and is proud to help everyone make the best giving decisions. To find out how you can get involved visit

I’d love to hear from you: Are you planning to celebrate #GivingTuesday? How will you participate?

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