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Join Social Media for Nonprofits in Seattle

What is more valuable for a nonprofit: a like or a follow? When is the best time to post online? How can you maximize your online fundraising efforts? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, don’t miss Social Media for Nonprofits’ Seattle conference on Monday, November 5. The program features a dynamic group of speakers sharing practical tips and real-world case studies in an easy to understand format.

Learn strategies for using social media for social good from top leaders at Facebook, NTEN, NPower, & more. They’ll help you discover useful strategies to engage with donors, grow your community of fans and supporters, build volunteer support, and raise more funds for your organization.

Discounted tickets are available for small nonprofits at $95. For-profits and larger nonprofits can use the “Star” discount code to save $20 off $125 and $175 tickets. Conference registration includes access to the full-day conference, breakfast, and lunch. Sign up today at

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