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Three Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit

The following is a guest post by Roxanne Reyes, a writer for Nonprofit Printing by PrintRunner.

Roxanne Reyes

Having a nonprofit organization is both an achievement and responsibility that you must know how to manage for you to reach its goals. You need to gain the ideal funds which will help your charitable business pursue its activities. If you are already in the brink of wondering how to continue the mission and vision of your organization with limited budget, then you must know what fundraising tips to try out.

There are traditional and modern ways of gaining the right amount of money to sustain the works of your association. If you’re eager to try out different styles, then here are three surefire fundraising ideas that can help out your nonprofit organization:

1. Host a special event to gain exposure and interaction.

One of the occasions that would make a bunch of people come together and be united is a special event. Don’t be afraid to host one for your nonprofit organization since this can help you gain the funds that you’ll need. Just remember that you’ll have to shed out some money to do this too, so if you want to keep the expenses to minimum then go for small affairs. Some examples are homemade product sales, car wash day, Christmas bazaar, and more.

You can also start a contest for the participants of the event and gain more sales from the event tickets that you will sell. Request for sponsors who could provide the prizes so you won’t have to spend a lot or you can ask contributions from the members.

2. Be visible online through social media sites.

A great thing about media nowadays is that you can easily share your message to a larger audience with just one click. This is how social media websites like Facebook and Twitter help people communicate with those who are far from them. By taking advantage of what these sites offer, you can also build the online presence that you need for your organization. Create an account today and get instantly connected to your members, sponsors, and supporters. You can even promote your profile and let others learn more about you.

Plus, the good thing here is that you can easily promote the activities that you’ll be doing and ask for support from others without having to spend at all (well if you go for free accounts and online promotions, of course).

3. Build your own major and minor donor groups.

Most nonprofit organizations have donor groups that are made up of sponsors who gain benefits from the associations in exchange of constant donations and membership.

For you to keep your association firm and known by others, start your own group too. You can try it out with the minor set first where you would only ask for a minimum donation on a selected period. This will help the members adjust on their contributions without forcing them to give more than they could. When you are already used to handling the group, then it’s time to start up a major program too.

Make sure to fix the details on what the donors would gain in exchange for their donations. It will help them stay active members and provide funds for your charitable works.

It can be true that a nonprofit organization is not easy to handle, however, if you know your goals and stay focused then you can make the association prosper. Just remember that it takes a lot of courage and patience to keep it funded, so do not be hesitant to try out new fundraising tips whenever possible.

Roxanne is an online writer who shares her ideas about nonprofit organizations and their missions. She believes in supporting volunteers and advocacies that would benefit children, nature, and animals. She currently creates articles for PrintRunner, a trusted company for online brochure printing and an active partner to nonprofit organization. The company provides printing discounts, donation and assistance to NPOs through Nonprofit Printing by PrintRunner.

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