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A sector-changing partnership has just begun!

The following is a post by Usma Ziard, GuideStar's senior marketing director.

GuideStar is thrilled to have partnered with the Foundation Center to offer two great incentives to nonprofits that are GuideStar Exchange Seal holders. Why did we decide on this partnership? We are confident that by partnering with the Foundation Center we are making the sector stronger on both the nonprofit side and the foundation side by sharing our resources directly with each other’s stakeholders. Being a GuideStar Exchange Seal holder allows nonprofits to tell their story to the fullest. A nonprofit that has been awarded the GuideStar Exchange Seal is respected in the sector due to the level of transparency that the nonprofit is willing to share with the world. For that reason we wanted to reward these nonprofits with two beneficial incentives from the Foundation Center.

The two incentives are 1) Foundation Directory online and 2) the Foundation Center’s training curriculum. Both are offered to GuideStar Exchange Seal holders at a discount. As part of this long term partnership, the Foundation Center is offering information to foundations on GuideStar Charity Check, the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100 percent IRS compliant for qualifying grant and payout recipients. GuideStar’s goal is to ensure that foundations have the right tool to make good and sound giving decisions and allow for easy grant qualifications.

For more information about:

• The GuideStar Exchange program, please visit

• GuideStar Charity Check, please visit

• Foundation Directory Online, please visit

• The Foundation Center’s training curriculum, please visit

We are looking forward to an everlasting partnership with the Foundation Center!

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