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GuideStar DonorEdge Continues to Evolve to Meet Community Foundation Sector Needs

The following is a post by Lori Larson, senior director, GuideStar DonorEdge.

Lori Larson

I am so excited that GuideStar Charity Check® verification information is now available in GuideStar DonorEdge! Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100 percent IRS compliant for qualifying grant and payout recipients. GuideStar DonorEdge is a technology and knowledge platform that community foundations use to encourage increased charitable giving, promote awareness of local needs and issues to donors and the community and enrich long-term relationships with nonprofits.

The integration of these two GuideStar products and services is a powerful solution of providing information that allows community foundation staff to review IRS-compliant due-diligence information and DonorEdge nonprofit profile information in the same browser screen right at their fingertips. This new integrated solution allows the staffs of DonorEdge community foundations to save money and time, improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and provides access to all of the information they need from the convenience of a single integrated platform.

DonorEdge was created about 12 years ago by one of the top and most innovative and entrepreneurial community foundations, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (GKCCF). In 2007 the community foundations using DonorEdge, known as the DonorEdge Learning Community, selected GuideStar to rebuild and redesign the platform. GKCCF continues to use GuideStar DonorEdge in its daily work with donors, funders, grantees, and its community leadership work. Debbie Wilkerson, president and CEO of Greater Kansas City Community Foundation stated, “The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is very pleased to experience the innovative solution of GuideStar Charity Check and DonorEdge working together in a powerful, new way. This new, integrated technology supports our nonprofit due diligence and long-term philanthropic strategies.”

GuideStar appreciates its partnership with the DonorEdge Learning Community and values the supporting it role it provides to the community foundation sector.

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