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INFOGRAPHIC: How do gender, program, and location affect nonprofit CEO salaries?

Check out our new infographic below that shows how gender, program area and location affect CEO salaries. Did you know that female nonprofit CEOs tend to earn less than their male counterparts? Or, that science and technology nonprofits typically pay their CEOs more than other program areas? And, in DC, nonprofits have the highest median compensation?

This new infographic was created based on findings in our 2012 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report, which observes data from 77,449 Forms 990 for fiscal year 2010. Check out the report and get even more CEO compensation info at

The process to establish executive compensation is more important than ever with increased enforcement efforts from the IRS in excessive compensation and analyses in every audit.

Tell us, what do YOU think is interesting about the data presented? What other infographics would you like to see from us?

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Nonprofit CEO Compensation Infographic Nonprofit CEO Compensation Infographic
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