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Charitable Giving in Business Trends

The following is a guest post by Rich Fausta, MBA, freelance writer and blogger.

Richard Fausta Richard Fausta

Charitable donors and business across the U.S. have a great opportunity to work closer together for giving to good causes in 2013. Nonprofits can work with individual organizations to provide financial and technical support, while businesses can support charities that might tie in to the company's overall mission.

Among the wider trends beeing seen in charitable giving include the following (as cited by crowdfunding-for-causes site

1) More Local Giving: Crowdfunding sites and other community-based organizations are looking inward for their philanthropic activity. In Arizona, companies are teaming up with nonprofit to help in its mission for consumers to shop and spend money locally, to build the local environment.

2) More Corporate Philanthropy Programs: Businesses like AARP, which offers car insurance and other types of insurance, has a foundation of public giving that works with education groups, community nonprofits and arts and culture organizations to help accelerate success via its philanthropic efforts. And the Hartford Foundation is open in its spending practices as well, using strategic financial guidelines and open transparency about its giving.

3) Increased Church Giving: The Giving USA Foundation noted that charitable contributions to churches and religious organizations was the highest category of giving, coming in at 32% in 2012. This number is expected to increase as the economy strengthens in 2013.

4) Sharing through Social Media: Using crowdfunding sources like Razoo and others will increase social sharing with the charitable contributions in 2013. This is helping to elevate not only charitable giving, but social activism to new levels.

5) Increased Giving by 20s: The so-called 'millennials' are becoming more social conscious and are volunteering money and time to charitable pursuits. According to 2012’s Millennial Impact Report, 75% of these individuals donated to a nonprofit in 2011, 63% of them volunteered.

Charitable giving looks to grow in 2013, as consumer confidence rises and economic constraints fade away. These trends above will be a guidepost for the coming year.

Rich Fausta, MBA, is a blogger who writes about business, the economy and more. Find Rich at

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