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Thank You!

Jenny Taylor Jenny Taylor

Happy 2013! Now that the new year is officially underway, I wanted to extend my thanks to our amazing donors and funders for their contributions in the last quarter of 2012 and, frankly, at any point in time. Being a nonprofit ourselves, fundraising is vital to our everyday operations. We use your generous contributions to keep our work going all year long.

I know asking for donations are imperative, but I will confess a secret: I am not a fan. At all. I was quite possibly the world’s worst Girl Scout. Going door to door, cold calling, and asking family for a loan tops my list of things that I would really rather never do again.

Granted, we’re strategic when we ask for gifts to GuideStar, so we’re not necessarily cold-calling, but still, I’m asking for donations from people with whom I have no personal connection. Hearing that confession, some might think that I have chosen the wrong profession entirely. I am, after all, Development Coordinator at GuideStar and therefore responsible for membership renewals, grant proposals, and the giving season plans.

That being said, even though a lot of my job is asking people to give money to us, there are two main reasons why I, in fact, love my job:

1. I believe in GuideStar. I believe in the work that we do and the difference we strive to make in the nonprofit sector. I work with incredibly intelligent and caring people, and I think that shows in our website. In fact, I used GuideStar in a classroom in college and it was so incredibly helpful that I didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t using it! Fundraising is always an uphill battle, no matter which nonprofit you work for, but when you truly believe in your nonprofit’s mission it’s no longer about “selling” something, it’s about sharing something you are passionate about.

2. I love listening and talking to you! I could write many columns on the wonderful notes that I received along with donations this year. We received a number of generous donations that we are so grateful for, and we also received extra bits of encouragement and thanks from you too. I read every letter, every card, and every email, and I shared them with my colleagues. I have them printed and posted at my work space (check out the latest two photographs on our Instagram profile: because there is no better incentive than kind words from the people that use our site and appreciate the information we provide.

So now that we’ve made it to 2013 I just wanted to thank you all for making 2012 a successful year at GuideStar. You can click here to learn more about how we use your donations. Whether you donated to us, recommended our site to a friend or colleague, or are simply reading this blog, you are helping us do what we love. I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I say: thank you!

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