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Academia* gets GuideStar Premium for free

The following is by Erinn Andrews, GuideStar's senior director of nonprofit strategy.

Erinn Andrews Erinn Andrews

Did you know that more than 600 academic institutions offer degrees and individual courses specifically on the nonprofit sector, and hundreds more use nonprofit information to inform other coursework?

At GuideStar, we understand the importance of preparing leaders to manage the billions of dollars in goods and services that nonprofits provide to citizens all over the world, and we know we must ensure accessibility and affordability to those strengthening the nonprofit sector through education.

We recently enhanced GuideStar for Education, our program that offers all class instructors, their students, and individuals doing unsponsored academic research complimentary access to GuideStar Premium, the only tool that enables users sophisticated analysis and access to GuideStar's most complete nonprofit reports.

The GuideStar for Education program is an invaluable tool for thousands of students, faculty, and academic researchers, who together make up the largest population currently accessing the GuideStar database. And now it's easier than ever for people to manage their applications. Specifically, students, instructors, and researchers can now:

  • View a list of all past applications with information about whether the request was accepted or denied.
  • Reapply to the program using a past application, with the ability to edit the content before submitting.

You can learn more about the GuideStar for Education program here:

Since 2005, GuideStar for Education has been used by more than 660 academic institutions, and more than 35,000 students, professors, and unsponsored academic researchers have benefited from access to GuideStar Premium through this program. If you’re in academia and aren’t taking advantage of this program, there’s never been a better time to participate!

*as in all things, there are some restrictions


Formerly, the Chief Operating Officer for Philanthropedia, Erinn started out at GuideStar as the Director of Data, Research, and Partner Relationships from February 2011 – May 2012. In this capacity, she oversaw the Philanthropedia research, identified new data partners for GuideStar, managed the relationships with GuideStar’s current external partners, and managed the TakeAction component of GuideStar’s site. Now, she is the Senior Director, Nonprofit Strategy assuming all former roles and also developing the strategy for and overseeing the GuideStar Exchange program, GuideStar’s primary initiative to engage nonprofits. She is also Product Manager for the Research and Development team and Product Owner of the Education at GuideStar product. You may reach Erinn directly at

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