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Your Social Media Program - Let’s Tumble

Cody Cassady Cody Cassady

You’re on Facebook and have a substantial following. You’re on Twitter and you keep your followers up-to-date. Is that all there is to maximize your organization’s presence in social media? What about that hilarious video of cats doing the Harlem Shake you know your supporters (particularly those young supporters) will love and share, thus sharing your organization as well? Where do you go?

The latest research on American social media habits indicates your organization may want to consider adding one more element to your platform: Tumblr. That’s right, in addition to Facebooking and Tweeting, now you need to Tumble …be Tumbling? …be Tumblring? Well, the jury is still out on what to call it while you’re doing it, but it’s clear you might want to set your sights on this new horizon.

A recent study conducted by comScore indicated, unsurprisingly, that Facebook continues to dominate the largest share of American social media usage (83%). What is surprising however, is the second place winner: Tumblr (5.7%), leading Pinterest (1.9%), Twitter (1.7%), and LinkedIn (1.4%). In fact, Tumblr consumed almost as much usage as its trailing competitors combined.

But, perhaps most importantly, is this a significant and lasting trend? What is the likelihood that as soon as you learn how to Tumble, it will be replaced (as things go with many things social media) with the next big thing? Well, it doesn’t seem likely. Studies conducted in 2011 by Mashable were already indicating a substantial and growing Tumblr presence among social media platforms. It has only grown since then.

Who might you reach on this new platform? The single largest demographic of Tumblr users are individuals between 18-34. Young individuals in this age group are more than twice as likely as the average Internet user to utilize Tumblr. So, you know that elusive younger demographic you’ve been trying to reach? Here they are – they’re on Tumblr. And they are very much sharing what is important to them – beginning with what they find funny (#LOL was a leading hashtag among all Tumblr posts analyzed by Mashable.)

While Tumblr may most directly lend itself to personal usage, if you use Tumblr to represent your organization, giving a deeper element of transparency within your organization by showing a mix of humor, insight, cats, and news, you won’t be alone. In fact, so many nonprofit and philanthropic organizations have utilized Tumblr that Tumblr’s blog directory includes a category for “Charities & Non-Profits” specifically.

And – good news – we’re there too! In fact, we spotlighted our recent #NONPROFITLUV campaign that so many of you participated in on our Tumblr page. (We think you all look fantastic, by the way!)

It’s a new frontier out there and this relatively new platform, according to most indicators, will continue to grow in importance. Have you taken it for a spin? If so, how has your organization best utilized Tumblr? We'd love to connect! Share your Tumblr URL in the comments section and we’ll see you there!

Cody Cassady is a Marketing Associate at GuideStar, assisting in the organization’s marketing and communications strategies. He is currently an M.P.A. candidate at The Ohio State University, studying public policy and law.

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