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Are you leveraging the power of your influential followers on social media?

So, you have a Facebook and Twitter for your nonprofit. Great, so does everyone else.You also post content and updates several times a day. Wonderful, so does everyone else.

And you have a bunch of followers already. Yup, so does everyone else.

Artie Patel

The point I am making here is that having a social media presence and creating posts for existing followers is today’s baseline. Merely having a presence is not enough if you seriously want to further online advocacy campaigns and raise money for your nonprofit. It takes work and effort to do this, but it pays significant dividends for those organizations that are committed to actually devoting resources and time towards social media.

Just take a look at the One Campaign. They didn’t get to over 360,000 Likes, 680,000 followers on Twitter, hundreds of comments and likes per post, AND a steady flow of Retweets by accident. It required commitment and effort towards real social media strategy.

One of the best things you can do is to start engaging your influential followers on an individual basis. Leverage the power and size of their networks to further your activism and fundraising.

Here are 3 steps to start doing that right now:

  1. Find influential followers. Take some time to find those folks with a large number of followers or those who post often.
  2. Check up on what they are talking about and when they talk about your cause, start a conversation with them.
  3. Once you have them engaged, find a way to get them to take an action for you. Don’t forget your followers are passionate about your cause. Don’t be afraid to ask them to Tweet on your behalf, Retweet your existing content, share their own relevant content to your cause, or better yet -- donate.

This is all done so you can leverage your followers’ followers. Having a bunch of followers is great, but don’t forget, your tweets are only visible for a couple hours, if not minutes. You followers’ posts can have a large and much more meaningful impact. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. If you don’t believe me, check out the numbers below:

If a friend posts a donation on social media…

68% of people try to learn more about that organization

58% of people ask their friend for more information

39% of people would also donate.

Courtesy of MDGadvertising

With that all in mind, I can't stress how important it is to leverage your influential supporters on social media for online advocacy and fundraising

Best of you luck to you and your organization.

Artie Patel is the VP of Business Development for provides organizations valuable insights about what the supporters on your entire email list are saying and sharing on social media right now, so you can dramatically increase online engagement around your cause and raise more money.

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