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GuideStar Blog for Nonprofits: A Social Media Hack to Maximize Your Time and Effort without Sacrificing Your Impact

When you’re trying to create impact in the world, it may seem like there’s not enough time in the day to do everything that you need to do. The term “lifehacking” came about from those working in tech startups needing to find ways to prioritize tasks and maximize the hours in the day to get a quality output from your time and effort.

I have always been drawn to the innovative ways that both startups and nonprofits solve big world problems with minimal resources. At, my job is to show people how our platform can help them easily find and share great content on the Web without sacrificing the quality and integrity of their communication. To maintain this quality and maximize on your time and effort, we’ve combined technology and the human touch because sometimes when you let robots do all of the talking, it can lead to a bad outcome. Shortcuts are only good if they don’t compromise what’s important – your impact.

Think about how you handle social media for your organization. A lot of time and effort is spent on selecting the right content to publish and distribute. This is where can help you “hack” your social media strategy so that you can focus on changing the world.

One of the best use cases of in the nonprofit space is by Ashoka, an organization supporting changemakers all over the world. Their content director, Maggie Lemere, uses because Ashoka wanted her to lead the effort in using visual storytelling to create impact through content. The organization used to have a marketing team but shifted their strategy.

“We’re doing a million things at once, and is a solution for us,” Maggie said. She liked that’s suggestion engine aggregated content and helped her discover some great articles and videos to publish on Ashoka’s page called Changemaking. This page is then connected to their website, and with one-click they can share to all of their social networks.


Maggie and her team are now in the process of implementing a strategy that uses’s features to help more than 20 country offices communicate better with their local communities. For example, Ashoka recently tested out the new to email integration that easily creates a beautiful newsletter from your page. They hope to teach their country offices how to do this on their own.


The for Free plan is a great way to get started with 5 topics, the use of our suggestion engine and the ability to publish on your social networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and export your page as a newsletter. Ashoka is currently on the for Business plan, which offers more advance features including customization of your topics.

If your organization is using, please tell me your story. If you’re not on and are trying it out, I’d also like to hear your feedback. I can be reached via Twitter @arabellatv or email at arabella [at] scoop [dot] it.

Arabella Santiago is director of marketing and communications at Check out GuideStar's page at and let us know how we can enhance the content for you!

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