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2012 IRS Forms 990, 990-EZ and 8868 Extension Request Available NOW!

If your nonprofit organization’s fiscal year ended December 31st, your filing deadline is May 15th. Still trying to get your Form 990 in before the deadline? Whether you e-File or mail Forms 990, NCCS Form 990 Online can help make the process trouble-free. The web site can:

Tom Pollak Tom Pollak
  • guide you through schedules and statements;
  • check your arithmetic as you go;
  • offers context-specific help with navigating the website; and
  • allow you to save your forms as PDF files or print them for submission.

You can also complete select state forms (New York, Michigan and Hawaii) for free.

The web site is free for organizations with less than $100,000 in gross receipts and modest sliding fees for larger organizations. View the complete fee schedule.

Ready to get started?

Proceed to the NCCS Form 990 Online web site
Watch a brief Introduction video

Do you have questions?

The NCCS Form 990 Online Team is available to take your questions and offer assistance:

Email the team:

Or call the team toll-free: 888-666-1773.

The preceding is a guest post by Tom Pollak, program director of the Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics.

Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice