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Advanced Training for Nonprofit Professionals

Seminar or training.As nonprofit professionals reach a certain level in their jobs, they often seek advanced training development. It may come with a rise through the ranks, or it may occur when a staffer is tasked with a new strategic fundraising campaign. In any case, nonprofit professionals have options for advanced training and career development courses in their work.

Universities and colleges are offering not only Bachelor's and Master's degrees in nonprofit education, but also executive training with a how-to college guide for nonprofit managers. These advanced online training courses can help accelerate a nonprofit director's career path with deliverable results to their sponsoring organization.

Local Training Sessions

Opportunities exist to advance practical knowledge in critical areas of nonprofit work. Local universities in major markets offer a variety of courses that deliver training for managing a nonprofit organization (i.e. Resource Development for nonprofits, Financial Management in Nonprofits, etc.)

Others courses are more detailed in their mission, teaching recruiting effective Board members, using strategic video and social media, and incorporating elements of Web-enabled fundraising. Go local, and find career development opportunities through your local nonprofit associations and local universities in your own region.

Conferences For Training

Conferences fall under the same rubric of continuing education. This fall's Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits is one of the major career and professional development events for nonprofit pros. Some of the most respected professionals attend the show every year, offering up a wealth of insights at seminars, breakout sessions and more.

More than 2,000 people attended the conference last year. This year's BBCon 2013 show will feature more than 150 training and knowledge sessions, intermixed with the best career networking for nonprofit professionals.

But you don't have to wait until the conference to start learning: Blackbaud's site offers tools and training for nonprofit professionals, technology tips and its own knowledge sessions for members. Start researching the best courses and training at the site for your own particular purposes and programs.

National and Online

On a nationwide basis, the groups listed below offer terrific opportunities and resources for nonprofit professionals to move their careers forward.

The Foundation Center: Based in New York, The Foundation Center acts as a think-tank and research center, offering resources in continuing development for nonprofit pros. It also pulls together ideas, programs and more from its global network for many nonprofit activities.

The Foundation Center connects people who are working to increase the goals of philanthropy and its recipients. Nonprofit professionals can browse the Foundation Center's database and assess needs for people, data, training and analytics with global projects, grants and more. The center also offers online training courses. Participants can register for essentials like:

  • Grant seeking for Individuals
  • Grant seeking for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Proposal Writing: The Comprehensive Course

The organization claims its daily website traffic consists of thousand of visitors looking for increased training and development for real-world nonprofit applications.

The Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington: Another group offering professional development insights is The Nonprofit Roundtable. This group helps many associations, universities and other organizations in our nation's capitol region find training, education and advanced learning programs.

Included at The Nonprofit Roundatable's site are listings for classes and training with a wide range of nonprofit organizations for different experience levels: beginner nonprofit pros, staffers with 3-5 years experience and those with five or more years of nonprofit experience.

The Young Nonprofit Professional Network: With more than 20 national chapters and 20,000 members, the Young Nonprofit Professional Network (YNPN) offers to its members a variety of low-cost or free opportunities. Sharing info about so-called 'un-conferences', offering tips to young nonprofit pros, and finding opportunities outside the mainstream of the nonprofit world are some of the traits of the YNPN organization.

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