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Sharing info about your nonprofit on GuideStar is easier than ever

We are excited to announce that the GuideStar Exchange interface has been overhauled to be more streamlined and easy-to-use, allowing participants to provide information about their nonprofits on GuideStar as they have access to it - one step at a time.

New and improved GuideStar Exchange form New and improved GuideStar Exchange form

If you aren’t yet familiar with the GuideStar Exchange, it is a program designed for nonprofits wanting to better connect with donors, funders, and other stakeholders by encouraging transparency through information sharing. The program operates and grows from self-reported information submitted by nonprofits and is shared with a variety of GuideStar partners. Participants in the GuideStar Exchange access a variety of benefits, including the ability to display the GuideStar Exchange Seal on their websites and collateral materials, promote their participation, and access discounted fundraising products and services.

The GuideStar Exchange interface was refined to make this information sharing faster and much less burdensome – something our GuideStar Exchange participants have communicated is important.

Our new interface gives you the ability to skip between sections easily, save progress, and return to update later. This also means fewer fields to complete – only 8 key sections, down from 18. These sections include:

  • General information (e-mail, website and physical address, and contact information)
  • Financials
  • Officer and director information
  • Mission and programs
  • Additional documentation
  • Impact information
  • Review updates and changes
  • Confirm and submit

We encourage working as a team and hope this process will be make it easier to collaborate with others at your organization and gather the right information at the convenience of appropriate internal stakeholders.Screen grab of GuideStar's own GuideStar Exchange form

Screen grab of GuideStar's own GuideStar Exchange form

This initial update serves as our first step in creating a standard for nonprofit information collection across the nonprofit sector. We want nonprofits to be able to share up-to-date, comprehensive, and accurate information with donors, funders, and others wherever those audiences are searching for it. Soon, the data collected from you through our GuideStar Exchange program will be distributed to even more partners across the Web (including grant management platforms to streamline the grant application process) and will allow you to use these third-party websites to keep your GuideStar Exchange profiles up-to-date.

This is just the beginning of the exciting changes we have in store for the GuideStar Exchange! Learn more about the revamp of our GuideStar Exchange program here:

Diana Hand Diana Hand

For those of you who have participated in the GuideStar Exchange program, what have you found to be the most beneficial part of the program so far? For those of you who haven’t, do you think this may help you get started? Let me know in the comments below!

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