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Sacramento Region Community Foundation: Leading Pivotal Change Toward Community Philanthropy in the Sacramento Region


Congratulations to GuideStar’s newest DonorEdge customer, Sacramento Region Community Foundation (SRCF), on the successful launch of their local version of GuideStar DonorEdge, The Giving Edge, and Arts Day of Giving on April 29! The launch and giving event was a first in several exciting ways:

  • The Giving Edge launched to the public in only 60 days!
    • This ground-breaking launch was made possible by innovative new GuideStar DonorEdge technology, shared knowledge and expertise of the DonorEdge Learning Community, and dedicated SRCF staff and partners.
    • The Arts Day of Giving raised more than $500,000 for the Sacramento region community in 24 hours!
      • It was Sacramento’s first ever regional online giving event.
      • A 2011 study found that Sacramento residents:
        • are less likely to give than the national average
        • who do give, give below the national average
        • only 63% of giving is local
  • 70 local arts nonprofits shared their stories through their Giving Edge profiles
    • A $1,000 prize was awarded to the nonprofit receiving the most unique visits to their Giving Edge profile during the 24-hour period.

These first-ever milestones achieved by SRCF and its partners set the stage for pivotal change, long-term impact of increasing community philanthropy, and improving the quality of life in the Sacramento region community. The Giving Edge is ultimately about engaging the Sacramento region in charitable giving, inspiring philanthropy at all levels, providing nonprofits an opportunity to showcase their critical contribution to community and society, and empowering donors to make informed decisions about their charitable giving.

Congratulations to our partners in Sacramento!

Lori Larson Lori Larson

If you are interested in learning more about DonorEdge or the DonorEdge Learning Community, please contact Lori Larson, senior director GuideStar DonorEdge,

Lori Larson is senior director of GuideStar DonorEdge. Lori leads GuideStar’s market and product strategy for DonorEdge and is responsible for customer account management of the DonorEdge Learning Community. Prior to joining GuideStar, Lori worked for the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, with her most recent position being director of knowledge development. Previous to her foundation and nonprofit sector work, Lori was the operations manager of a multi-entity oil and gas corporation in Houston, Texas, and was assistant publisher of a software company in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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