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INFOGRAPHIC: Which causes do most nonprofits serve?

This Spring we dug into the GuideStar database and searched organizations based on each National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Category Code. The NTEE Classification System, used by the IRS and National Center For Charitable Statistics, to classify nonprofits, breaks out nonprofit organizations into 26 major groups (we’ve also referred to them as Categories in our infographic). The groups are classified even further and we’ve represented the next level by Subcategories (also known as Decile Codes).

Of what we found in March, the largest categories included Religion, Spiritual Development (X), Educational Institutions (B) and Human Services (P). The smallest categories included Social Science Research Institutes (V), Science and Technology Research Institutes (U), and Medical Research (H).

See how the organization numbers in each category match up in our latest infographic below and on our site here:

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