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What is the Best Way for a Nonprofit to Market on Facebook?

Richard McMunn Richard McMunn

Social networking can be an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to a nonprofit organization and their best marketing options. With Facebook having such a heightened popularity there are particular methods to utilize and make the most of it, as it can make a huge difference on your marketing campaign. The following are potentials for marketing with Facebook in the most effective way:

1. Initially creating a Facebook page for your organization: By creating a page you are creating an image for your cause. You are giving the basic illustration to what you stand for and reaching out for potential support for what you believe in and the help you are seeking.

2. Use Causes and Favourites: Causes allow you to put out there exactly what you believe in. It grants people the insight that you have on a particular topic. It gives a subject a voice with the proper description to tell exactly what your feelings and thoughts are. By using the favourite’s tool it allows you to share your belief and likes with other groups and show that you share a similar belief in an idea. The more of a support group you build around you, the more attention your cause will receive overall.

3. Make the page unique: Stand out. By doing things to properly decorate your page and using proper image and description use you will stand out and show the people looking into your page your mind set and opinion. When you are standing for a cause it’s important to give people a vivid insight to your thoughts and feelings.

4. Use Facebook actively: The more often you are on and posting updates the more feedback you can give followers who are interested in your cause. The consistent feedback and validation towards your cause will eventually lead to a larger audience interested in what you have to say.

5. Respond to those that follow you: If you have people actively communicating with you, make sure that you take the time to address them and give them feedback. It is incredibly important to respond to their questions and comments to gain the status and image of someone who truly cares about their organization.

6. Be creative with apps and other Facebook features: Create a quiz that informs your target audience about your organization and focus on key ideas and messages that you want to get out for them to find out about. Create a game even that leads to educating your target followers and giving them key information that is important to developing support for your cause.

7. Consider a donation box: By creating a donation box you allow a chance to generate funding for your organization to initiate a lot of changes. The more charity you raise the more options for development of your cause comes along. The bar is a limit for you to set, but a donation box leaves the generosity up to your followers and leaves it up to what they can afford.

8. Consider the purchase of a Facebook Ad: A Facebook ad can generate a lot of potential followers by showing up through others pages and generating users from all over to find out about your cause.

9. Coordinate with other media: Twitter as well as other social networks can all contribute to your cause. Interlink with them and find ways to share the information that you are basing your cause on, the more information you get to potential followers the more successful your cause will be. A cause is only as successful as the information it can get out to the people who can potentially contribute to helping it and finding potential resolve.

That as a whole is the general layout to effectively use Facebook for a marketing campaign for a nonprofit cause. It can be done with the major expense being the time you invest in it, and the outcome can be thousands of followers contributing ideas and possibly even donations to help the cause meet different variables of resolution. If you have an idea for a great nonprofit organization, don’t hold back, you never know who will be willing to back it up until you put it out there in the social media and see who responds and feels the same way you do.

The preceding is a guest post by Richard McMunn, a leading career and recruitment specialist for public sector careers.

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