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Increasing donor support with Okanjo Nonprofit Solutions

okanjoA recent study by the Urban Institute and the Association of Fundraising Professionals had some scary results for nonprofits. While there was a 34 million dollar net growth in charitable donations from 2012 to 2013, 96% of those gains were offset by losses in giving. For nonprofit organizations, a 4% national increase in giving simply isn’t enough.

Today, nonprofit organizations are looking for new ways to engage the supporters. With an aging donor population and smaller overall dollar donations from millennials that the generations before, it’s time for nonprofits to get creative.

At Okanjo, we believe in giving. We’re a Cloud Commerce solutions company that encourages our audience to give – a portion of every sale that takes place on our platform goes to charity. Now we’re taking our involvement a step further by offering nonprofit organizations the tools they need to solve the fundraising problems at hand:

Problem 1: Millennials support nonprofits in non-traditional ways. While studies show that a vast majority of this generation – 83% in 2012 – gives, their donations are for smaller dollar amounts. Millennials don’t write big checks, they prefer to donate time, small dollar amounts and donate online.

How we solve it: Okanjo’s Directed Giving solution allows nonprofits to create an online registry of items needed to run the organization. This tool reduces barriers by allowing supporters to donate physical items online – which may lead to increased donation amounts.

Problem 2: Online auction tools are cost-prohibitive. Many of the online auction tools that are offered today cost $1,000 to $10,000 per year, with a transaction fee on top of it. For most nonprofit organizations, that cost greatly outweighs the benefits.

How we solve it: Okanjo’s Online Auction tool allows organizations to auction tickets and other items of value to the highest bidder online. And best of all, our nonprofit solutions have no up front fee and no limit on the number of items you can auction per month.

Problem 3: Nonprofits have no way to accept physical donations online. There is no shortage of people donating used items to organizations like Goodwill. Nonprofits without a similar donating model have no way to translate physical donations into dollars.

How we solve it: Okanjo’s Nonprofit Store provides a place where charities can sell items and accept pledges online. This solution allows your supporters to clean out their closets and do good at the same time.

As the charitable giving landscape changes, nonprofit organizations must change with it. At Okanjo, we’re proud to provide problem-solving solutions for the charities we care about. I’d love to hear more about the problems your organization faces and how we can help you. Leave a comment below or email me at

The preceding is a guest post by Brendon Thomas, the president of Okanjo, a Cloud Commerce solutions company that activates audiences to do good. Under Brendon’s direction, Okanjo has given back to over 400 nonprofit organizations, and that number is rapidly growing. In his free time, Brendon is actively involved in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s vibrant local community.

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