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Marketing Tips for a Nonprofit Organization


Many nonprofit organizations may not be aware of all the tools available out there for effective marketing. However, they have to understand that marketing isn’t just the antiquated idea of selling something or acquiring a donation. It is a way through which the needs of the donors and consumers can be satisfied. With the introduction of social media marketing, nonprofit organizations can market themselves effectively like any other small business. A good marketing strategy will assist you in the establishment of strong relationships, which will in the end attract more donors and volunteers. Below are some of the marketing tips you can try for your nonprofit organization.

Create a Brand

As it is the case for all businesses, nonprofit organizations don’t have any choice but to compete for the money of their supporters. This can best be done through creating a brand. Marketing a nonprofit requires the company to clearly understand its constituents, design programs which suit the program’s needs, measure the satisfaction of the constituents with the company’s programs, and then use these results to fine tune the program. Once the program of the organization is clear, the organization will be able to present its service and brand to potential supporters. One of the ways through which a brand can be strengthened is developing a slogan. For instance, Texas Nonprofits’ slogan is “Building community deep in the hearts of Texans.” Through regular and consistent branding messages to the public, a nonprofit can generate a public reputation and personality which will help create brand awareness both online and in daily life.

Leverage Social Media

There are plenty of potential donors; however, you need to present a compelling story behind the mission of the organization so as to get them to choose your nonprofit organization over the many others out there. When crafting the story of your organization, think about including the motivation at the back of your organization. You can also put the focus on previous successful objectives or events with highlights of how you and your organization have been able to help the needy. Marketing nonprofit organizations using the social media requires you be to convincing and very creative.

Provide Top-Shelf Content

Take the time for making relevant, actionable and high quality posts for your fans and followers on your social-media pages. Use interesting titles, do the opening with a hook, put concise content in the body, and conclude with a call-to-action. Attaching current events to your content is a great way to intrigue interest and make the posts compelling. Ensure that you don’t over post because needless spamming can easily ruin your online-presence. By creating valuable pieces of shareable content, your organization can passively gain visitors and brand awareness for a sustained period of time.

Community Outreach

The key to attaining success when it comes to community outreach is consistence. Agree on the programs that suit your mission best and work on them until they stabilize such that they are being done every year. People love to know and/or see how their money and time are being put to use. Seeing their donation’s results continue every year that passes makes them feel good. It requires you to ask your constituents what programs help them so as to be able to serve their needs appropriately.

Marketing a nonprofit organization requires a great deal of time commitment in order to produce meaningful results. If you happen to run a nonprofit organization such as a food bank which doesn’t have anyone with the expertise or time to conduct the operations properly, consider employing someone outside your organization. If you have got a limited budget, you can employ a freelancer instead of a full-time employee. Proper marketing will help to increase the number of donors and volunteers to your organization.

Chris CarterThe preceding is a guest post by Chris Carter, who manages the marketing, communications, and public affairs of the San Diego Food Bank. Distributing over 15 million pounds of food a year, the San Diego Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego County. For more information, visit their website at

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